We come from different places, we’ve seen different things;
We lead different lives, we’re puppets on different strings.

We’ve loved different people, and somewhere in our heart
we’ve buried their essence, even though they are apart.
They are a part of us now; they have shaped us in many ways,
Their words are embedded in our minds,
They saw us through our darkest days.

But now they are gone, those people; gone is the echoing laughter.
Gone are the ones, with whom we thought we’d spend our Happily Ever After.

“If the ending isn’t happy, it’s not the end”, they say.
And never did I understand that… until you came my way.


About alteregolayla

I exist only in writing.

2 responses to “You

  1. summerfitzgerald

    Lovely poem, Layla. I’ve been awol and only just saw your comment on an ignoramus’s response to one of my poems (so thanks and apologies for the lack of acknowledgement). There’s so much feeling in this poem, it’s made me stop and ponder… Thank you. SF

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