My Love

Like the sky misses the moon by day, I miss you,
But when I see you it’s like you were never gone.
Like the ocean misses the shore, I miss you,
& it is only to you that I’m drawn.

Like the dew drops kiss the flowers, kiss me,
Your lips pressed against mine, long and slow.
Like the strong wind in a storm, uproot me
& take me to some place I don’t know.

Like the raindrops on my window sill, sing to me,
Your voice spreading warmth through my soul.
Like a cup of hot tea on a cold day, comfort me,
Hold me like you’ll never let me go.

Like strong entwined roots, stay with me,
Together, into each other we’ll grow,
For, my love, there is no one like you,
& you are my forever more.


About alteregolayla

I exist only in writing.

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