Why I Love You

I love your smile. That only-for-me smile. I love how your eyes light up when you talk to me about all your experiences. I love the way you look up in defeat and whine when I get the better of you. I love your laugh, it’s so innocent and child-like. I love how much I get to learn from you, how you know so many things that I have no idea about. I love how deeply you analyse everything, not satisfied until you know every detail.

But more than all of that, I love how you make me feel. I love the sound of my laughter echoing yours. I love the shiver I get down my spine when your lips touch mine, when your hands run down my back. I love how important you make me feel, like I’m your whole world as you are mine. I love that you know everything about me, every single thing that’s led to who I am. I love how you criticise and challenge me, making me want to be better every day, for you.

But most of all, I love how we happened: So unexpected and out of the blue, like a whirlwind that took us and left us exactly where we wanted to be… And exactly where we will be for the rest of our lives.


How Did I Find You?

How did I find you?
A love so unreal, so true.
A love so sure, so strong.
A love so right — so wrong!
A love so familiar, yet something I never knew:
How did I find you?

Good Riddance

Sitting here, in the aftermath, reminiscing,
I’ve come to realise that its not you I’m missing.

I miss those days devoid of your memory,
I miss that feeling I had of being free
from this burden of guilt that you’ve given me.

I miss not having to take the blame
for every time that you felt ashamed.

I don’t want you back, I’ve had enough,
And I know that, on you too, this has been tough.

Even though, on me, this has left a mark,
On a new journey, I’m going to embark.

I’m taking with me all that I remember of you,
And every little thing that you taught me too.

But I’m leaving behind all of this mess,
And I still will not think of you any less
If you cannot grant me your forgiveness.

The Solo Flight

The feathers loosen slowly,
In the strong wind they’re flapping,
The wings are taking too much strain
And slowly they are snapping.

The eyes that were once filled with hope
are now seemingly hollow,
The voice that once lit up his world
Now sings a song of sorrow.

The charm is lost, the smile is empty,
The life has left her face.

He can’t tell why, he doesn’t know
His angel is in a dark place.


All these songs sing our story;
They tell it like you would,
But the listeners don’t know
everything that they should.

They don’t know the dull pain
that is slowly killing me inside;
They don’t know the sleepless nights,
those dreams through which I’ve cried.
They don’t know how much
I’ve fallen in my own eyes,
They don’t know how much
I want to take back all the lies.
They don’t know that as I write this
tears pace down my face.
They will never know what it means
to live through this disgrace.

This is my punishment,
This regret I wake up with every morning,
This burden of mistakes from my past
that will never be forgotten.